Nightwings Order of Battle


1) Chapter Master Faraday (170)

Standard Equipment: Bolt Pistol; Frag and Krak grenades; Artificer Armour; Relic Blade (Axe); Iron Halo

1a) Honour Guard (130)

Standard Equipment (all models): Artificer Armour; Power Sword; Bolt Gun; Bolt Pistol; Frag and Krak grenades

2) Captain Newton - Captain of Quintus Company Scrutari (The Searchers) (115)

Standard Equipment: Power Armour; Bolt Gun; Frag and Krak grenades; Iron Halo; Power Sword

2a) Quintus (5th) Company Command Squad Babbage (185)

Standard Equipment (all models): Power Armour; Frag and Krak grenades; Bolt Pistol; Chainsword

3) Chaplain Jenner (100)

Standard Equipment: Power Armour; Crozius Arcanum; Rosarius; Bolt Gun; Frag and Krak grenades

4) Master of the Forge Davinci (100)

Standard Equipment: Artificer Armour; Servo-harness; Bolt Gun; Frag and Krak grenades; Power Axe

5) Librarian Copernicus (100)

Standard Equipment: Power Armour; Force Sword; Psychic Hood; Bolt Pistol; Frag and Krak grenades


Quintus (5th) Company - Scrutari (The Searchers)

1) Quintus (5th) Company Tactical Squad Einstein (Numeral 1) (170)

2) Quintus (5th) Company Tactical Squad Avogadro (Numeral 2) (170)

3) Quintus (5th) Company Tactical Squad Bragg (Numeral 3) (175)

4) Quintus (5th) Company Tactical Squad Cavendish (Numeral 6) (180)

5) Quintus (5th) Company Tactical Squad Torricelli (Numeral 7) (190)

6) Quintus (5th) Company Tactical Squad Haldane (Numeral 8) (185)

Decimus (10th) Company - Alumni (The Students)

7) Decimus (10th) Company Scout Squad Flavus (100)


Primus (1st) Company - Erudites (The Learned)

1) Primus (1st) Company Terminator Squad Hawking (Numeral 1) (210)

2) Primus (1st) Company Terminator Squad Darwin (Numeral 2) (235)

3) Techmarine Tesla (50/140)

Basic Equipment: Artificer Armour; Servo Arm; Boltgun; Frag and Krak grenades; Power Axe

4) Quintus (5th) Company Princeps Dreadnought Angstrom (105)

Basic Equipment: Smoke Launchers; Search Light; Dreadnought CCW (w. Storm Bolter); Assault Cannon


1) Quintus (5th) Company Assault Squad Boltzmann (Numeral 4) (225)

2) Quintus (5th) Company Assault Squad Colt (Numeral 9) (235)

3) Quintus (5th) Company Landspeeder Squadron Fulgur (Lightning) (200)


1) Quintus (5th) Company Devastator Squad Oppenheimer (Numeral 5) (290)

2) Quintus (5th) Company Devastator Squad Gatling (Numeral 10) (230)

3) Land Raider