Legio Astartis Chapter 976 - The Nightwings

1) Chapter History (Based on 4th Edition Codex)

a) Introduction

A recently founded Chapter, the Nightwings' true history is known by only three men: Chapter Master Faraday, the Fabricator General of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and, of course, The Emperor of Mankind. The following are rumours ...

Based on the freezing desert world of Ares Prime, the Nightwings geneseed is derived from the legendary Iron Hands. The founding of the Nightwings was initiated by direct Imperial Edict to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Their remit: to create a chapter for whom technology would no longer be a Dark Art.

The Nightwings base their organisation on the teachings of the Codex Astartes - as is right and proper for a Chapter dedicated to service of the Emperor. The names of each Brother Marine, squad, officers and commander are drawn from a much deeper and older source: that of historical reference to the greatest scientists, engineers and inventors dating back millenia even to before the founding of the Imperium. When a new recruit is inducted into the Alumni (the Tenth Scout Company) he surrenders his given and familial names for a name steeped in scientific legend. Even Chapter Master Faraday started his illustrious career with this Ceremony of Renaming - it is doubtful he even remembers his true name. This immersion in science, engineering and technology give the Nightwings a strong sense of identity and purpose in a galaxy where superstition, suspicion and mysticism permeate all levels of the Imperium they have sworn to protect.

To further honour this illustrious past, the Nightwings retain the insignia and rank markings of earlier times.

b) Characteristics

These Scions of Mars have made war on countless alien- and heretek-infested worlds, rescuing archaeotech, STC-pattern artefacts, and capturing, even reverse-engineering, Xeno-tech.

The Nightwings are sure that the wisdom and technologies that founded the Imperium of Man ten thousand years ago are the keys to a brighter and more glorious future for Mankind. Thus do they Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients of their own Chapter, the Dreadnoughts, who have fought for centuries to recapture what was lost. Indeed, one such Venerable Dreadnought, Brother Archimedes, is part of the Chapter's High Council.

Of course, many are the lies and betrayals the Nightwings have encountered in their quests. Thus, they do not shy from a fight by hiding and raiding from the shadows. The Nightwings must face their enemy Eye to Eye, to see beyond the falsehoods and ensure their victories are not tainted by the deception of the enemy. For only in a fair fight can Humanity's lost archaeotech be regained and returned to its rightful owners.

2) Traits (From 4th Edition Codex - out of date but interesting)

a) Wise: Scions of Mars

May upgrade a Techmarine to 2 Wounds to become the Army Commander. Invalidated by 5th Edition Codex Master of the Forge HQ choice.

b) Wise: Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients

Dreadnoughts may be Heavy Support or Elites. Invalidated by 5th Edition Codex, where all Dreadnoughts are Elite choices and the Master of the Forge allows them to be used as Heavy Support units.

c) Drawback: Eye To Eye

May take only one squadron of Land Speeders, Bikes or Attack Bikes.

3) Headquarters Staff

a) Chapter Command

b) Armoury

c) Apothecarion

d) Fleet Command

e) Librarius

4) Company Organisation

a) Primus (1st) Company - Veterans

b) Secundus (2nd) Company - Battle Brothers

c) Tertius (3rd) Company - Battle Brothers

d) Quartus (4th) Company - Battle Brothers

e) Quintus (5th) Company - Battle Brothers

f) Sexus (6th) Company - Tactical Reserve

g) Septimus (7th) Company - Tactical Reserve

h) Octavus (8th) Company - Assault Reserve

i) Nonus (9th) Company - Devastator Reserve

j) Decimus (10th) Company - Scouts

5) Nightwings Quintus Company - Scrutari (The Searchers)

The Fifth Company are renowned as explorers and are currently attached to the fleet of Rogue Trader Carolus Manzus (aka Charles the Blackguard). The fleet is scouring the Calixis Sector and beyond, into the region known as the Koronus Expanse. While Manzus is a profiteering bounder of the first water, he nonetheless has a shrewd eye for technology in general and archaeotech in particular. Hence, The Scrutari and contingents of Erudites and Alumni have deployed alongside the Rogue Trader in their own Battle Barge Audacio Incepto (Bold Enterprise).

The full battle roster of the Scrutari and those other Nightwings contingents assigned to Manzus' fleet is given in the Order of Battle. Smaller scale battles are often undertaken by the Skirmish Forces .