RPG Collection

Welcome to my collection of Gaming Material.

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  1. Stormbringer RPG
  2. This is one of the best RPGs in existence

  3. Southern Reaches Campaign for Magic World
  4. A series of adventures and resources set in the Southern Reaches, Magic World's custom setting.

  5. Cyberpunk 2020
  6. A personal favourite of mine: dirty, gritty and everso possible.

  7. BRP Cyberpunk 2020
  8. Here's my cut at a BRP-based version of R.Talsorian'sCyberpunk 2020 RPG.

  9. Lord of the Rings
  10. Here's my cut at a BRP-based version of Decipher Inc's Lord of the Rings RPG.

  11. BRP Conversion for Warhammer 40000 RPGs
  12. A project started on RPG.net to create a BRP-based conversion of Fantasy Flight Games' Rogue Trader RPG.

  13. BRP Conversion for Warhammer 40000 RPGs (Second Edition)
  14. A project started on BRP Central to update the previous version of FFG's Warhammer 40000 RPGs

  15. Codex Xenos
  16. Conversions of plant, animal and warp creatures from Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader to BRP.

  17. BRP Conversion for AD&D Second Edition
  18. A project to convert AD&D 2nd Edition to BRP

  19. RPG Perl Scripts
  20. Some Perl scripts for BRP-based character generation and a few other interesting things. Available for download under GPL3 for UNIX/Linux and Windows