Technical Notes

I am a UNIX Systems Administrator by profession. Here are some docs that others in my line of work might find interesting.

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  1. UNIX Tips and Tricks
  2. Training
  3. Some basic UNIX user training notes. A short introduction to UNIX in four parts:

    1. UNIX Basics
    2. The UNIX Environment
    3. More UNIX commands
    4. The vi Editor

Useful Scripts

Over the course of what I laughingly refer to as my career, I have had to write quite a number of shell and Perl scripts. Many of these are useless to anyone other than me and in the job I was in at the time. However, the scripts linked below may be of use to others:

  1. pwgen - a password generator
  2. pwmangle - a random password mangler
  3. pwcheck - a password checker
  4. dsmon - A simple disk space monitor
  5. update - Script to update web pages
  6. password_warn - Script to warn of password changes
  7. make password file - Script to generate password info for warning purposes (see above)
  8. orasyscheck - Oracle Database Checker
  9. datafile monitor - Oracle Database Datafile monitor
  10. osdump - Solaris OS backup script
  11. backup.enc - Encrypted Solaris OS backup script
  12. restore.enc - Encrypted Solaris OS restore script
  13. bigfilecheck - A script to find large files which may be hogging valuable disk space.
  14. cleanup - A very configurable housekeeping script
  15. memmon - A memory and swap monitor with human-friendly output