At that time of the night >>>>>[ Saturday Night ]<<<<<

My mates re-appeared. "Got blown out, did you?" Mike said unnecessarily. I really felt like hitting him. "We're off for some food. Coming?"

"Food. Good plan," I slurred. I finished my drink, managed to control the urge to hurl, and staggered outside. The cool night air hit me like a hammer blow to the forehead. I reeled and ended up leaning against the wall that surrounded the beer garden of the Brew House (sorry, The Goose at Gloucester Green as it is now). It took a couple of minutes to stop myself wanting to puke. This was one of those nights I could sense was going to end badly.

We ended up in Kebab Kid, a take away opposite the cinema on Gloucester Green. To get there we had to walk past the taxi rank. I looked in vain for Lacey and Georgie, before reluctantly deciding that Mike was right, the smug bastard. I took refuge in a large cheeseburger and chips, washed down with Coke. The conversation turned to the game session that was being run tomorrow. I couldn't really follow what was being said and figured it would all sort itself out during the game.

"What's up? You're miles away again," Mike said. "You thinking about that girl?"

"No," I lied, but I sounded unconvincing even to myself. Then I realised exactly what I'd been staring at, zombie-like, for the last few minutes. Through the plate glass of the shop window, I could clearly see Lacey standing in front of the cinema, looking directly at me. When she saw me looking, she smiled. I made my excuses and sauntered out of the kebab shop, leaving my mates to their conversation.

The food and Coke had gone a long way towards sobering me up and I was reasonably coherent when I spoke to Lacey. "Did your friend get her cab? What about her fella?"

Anger blazed in Lacey's eyes; it was like a different woman had just stepped into her shoes. "Don't mention that idiot to me! We got out of the pub and he threw up all over the place. Georgie's boots are ruined. At least most of it will be out of his system so there's less chance of him puking in the cab. It'll cost Georgie a fortune if he does." Lacey let her anger drain away and the fun, giggly girl I'd met in the Gloc returned. "The night is yet young," she said, linking her arm through mine. "What do you fancy doing?"

"Well, I've just eaten, but if you're hungry we could go back over there." I looked in the direction of the kebab shop and could see my friends staring at Lacey and me. "On second thoughts, maybe that's not such a good idea."

"Don't worry about food; I'll get something later. How about going to see a movie? I know there's a midnight showing of The Godfather at the Phoenix. That gives us twenty minutes to get there." Lacey looked over my shoulder and I felt her body tense. Probably she was pissed off at my friends in the kebab shop gawping at us. She recovered admirably and grinned impishly in their direction, before throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me warmly on the lips. I slid my hands under her jacket and pulled her closer, enjoying the kiss. She pulled back with a gasp. "Mmmm. Let's not bother with the movie. We can watch it on video back at my place."

Talk about an offer you can't refuse!