Wargames Collection

Welcome to my collection of Wargames Material.

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  1. S.A.G.E
  2. This is an attempt to create a simple set of rules for games like HeroQuest, MageKnight and so on. This basic ruleset is for fantasy games. Further additions to follow will detail Sci-Fi and Modern-era adventures.

  3. Toy Soldier Skirmish
  4. A simple set of rules for skirmishing with Playmobil Knights.

  5. Warhammer 40,000
  6. Some Warhammer 40K army lists and fluff

  7. Warhammer 40K Meets StarGrunt II
  8. An attempt to get 40K working with a different ruleset, GZG's Stargrunt

  9. Milliput Press Moulds
  10. A short how-to describing how Milliput can be used to make copies of model components