40K Collection

Welcome to my collection of army lists and fluff for Warhamemr 40,000. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of various units uploaded in the near future. Click on the links to read more.

  1. Waaagh Badrokk
  2. The army list for Goff Warboss Badrokk Gitsnika's Space Ork Army

  3. Little Waaaaghs
  4. Force suggestions for 500-point battles with Badrokk's Boyz.

  5. The Nightwings
  6. Some history and rumours regarding Legio Astartis Chapter 976 - The Nightwings Chapter of Space Marines

  7. Nightwings Forces
  8. The current military line-up of the Nightwings Chapter

  9. Skirmish Forces
  10. Force suggestions for 500-point battles with the Nightwings Space Marines.